Super Bowl player's dad found safe in Makaha

Leah DeMar
Leah DeMar
Hillary Bardos
Hillary Bardos

By Tim Sakahara - bio | email

MAKAHA (HawaiiNewsNow) - It's tough to imagine but a Super Bowl story line found its way well off the beaten path in Leeward Oahu.  It started when Cullen Jenkins, defensive lineman for the Green Bay Packers, mentioned earlier this week that he was worried about his dad Darome Jenkins who he hadn't spoken to since Christmas.

He happened tell this to reporters during the frenzy that is Super Bowl media day which is usually just a bunch of silliness. But Jenkins' missing father was serious.

So we tracked down his address at the Makaha Valley Plantation Apartments located about an hour from Honolulu.  It's a gated community, with a private road and managers wouldn't let us in.  But a security guard did go to Darome Jenkins apartment and confirmed he is alive and well.  The security guard said he did ask about the Super Bowl and his son's concerns but that Mr. Jenkins stopped him and said he didn't want to hear about it.

He also said his son's know how to get a hold of him although we called and his home number is disconnected.

"I would think that would bring someone together I mean this is going to be the biggest day of his life.  It's strange. I'm not familiar with the guy, I've seen him though, but I think it's very strange there's no contact with the son, I mean the Packers. The Packers!" said Leah DeMar, neighbor. "Super Bowl drama in Makaha."

"It's really sad. I think if I was doing something like that I would probably want to hear my dad say I'm so proud of you," said Hillary Bardos, neighbor.

Jenkins raised not only Cullen, but also Kris who is also an NFL player with the New York Jets.  The elder Jenkins was a drama teacher and apparently is creating a real life mystery.

"I'm thinking there's a little more behind it," said DeMar.

In an interview with the Associated Press today Cullen Jenkins revealed more about the last time he communicated with his dad saying, "It wasn't an incident, but there was a discussion, and it wasn't a bad discussion by any means," said Jenkins. "He was talking a little bit about how he was feeling about certain things in the family, and maybe feeling a little left out."

Jenkins did say he would leave a Super Bowl ticket at will call for his dad just in case.

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