News Galore Tonight

Wow, what a night.

I usually write four headline blurbs at the top of the 10 o'clock news.  Tonight, I couldn't help myself and wrote six!  So many great stories...

We start with raw passion over development on Oahu's north shore.  The last meeting about the 'Haleiwa Hotel' ended in a shouting match.  This time things were different.  Ben Gutierez shows us how.

Brooks Baehr is pumped up about his story of an incredible rescue at Waimea Bay.  When veteran lifeguards call it a miracle, you know it's special.

A news photog covering the snowstorm near Boston scored a once-in-a-lifetime shot.  That story comes up at 10:05.

And did you hear about Rush Limbaugh?  The new guy on the Honolulu City Council, Stanley Chang, wants an apology from the shock jock.  See if you're as offended as he is... tonight at ten.

Time to go comb my hair,