City resumes bulky-item pickups

Dan Shishido
Dan Shishido

By Jim Mendoza - bio | email

KALIHI VALLEY (HawaiiNewsNow) - The City and County's big yellow trash truck returned to Kalihi Valley to feast on, crush and carry away oversized items.

Some of the stuff has been sitting curbside for weeks.

"I had my old water heater for disposal so I brought that out," Dan Shishido said.

The heavy lifting is the first scheduled bulky trash pickup the city's made in the valley since storm damage at Waimanalo Gulch Landfill last month disrupted service.

While refuse workers David Marx and Robert Soriano flexed their muscles loading the garbage, other crews were breaking a sweat from Alewa Heights to Ewa.

One truck carries six tons of bulky trash that's been compressed.

It took all of Teruo Shimamuro's odds and ends.

"One day. One time. Everything go!" he said, watching his oversized items being swallowed up and smashed.

The Refuse department calls Kalihi Valley Sector 2. It will take a couple of days to collect all the bulky items that have been stacking up on the main drag and side streets.

The city's asking for patience.

"If the bulky item crews don't show up in your neighborhood today, please do not worry. They will be back and they will resume their schedule where they left off," city spokesperson Louise Kim McCoy said.

At the landfill the bulky waste will be tossed in with sewage sludge.  Shishido's water heater didn't make it. The city will send a flatbed back for that.

But after waiting weeks, just about everything else on his street finally got the heave ho.

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