Health department revises recalled food products list again

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The state Department of Health has issued another update on the revised list of recalled products manufactured by First Commercial Kitchen LLC based on new information received Wednesday.

The previous list should be disregarded and replaced by this list.

The DOH is aware that records provided by First Commercial Kitchen LLC may include inaccurate and outdated information due to the company's questionable record keeping practices.

DOH is providing the opportunity for businesses to have their products removed from the recall list if they can provide sufficient documentation and evidence of product safety.

For more information on how to have products removed from the recall listing go to: or email

The following products have been removed from the recall list based on new information received by the Department of Health today:

Arturo's Hot Sauces: Habanero Vinaigrette, Green Flash, Hawaiian Passion

Ginger Fire Sauce, Polli's Hot Sauce

Arturo's Salsas: Red Mild Salsa, Red Hot Salsa

Molokai Roadside Creations Marinades: Mild, Original, Spicy

Toyo Sushi: Sushi Vinegar, Garlic Sauce, Spicy Garlic Sauce

The revised list of recalled products as of Feb. 2 is as follows:

Arturo's Hot Sauces: Pineapple Salsa, Hot Hawaiian Savory Sauce, Phitias Hot Sauce,

Pineapple Pepper Salsa

Refrigerated Salsas: Maui Onion Sauce, Red, Red Hot, Red Very Very Hot

Shelf Stable Salsas: Red Very Very Hot

Barb's Favorite Recipes, Barb's Local Style Black Bean Sauce, Barb's Kal-Bi Sauce

Cabais Capital Sweet Wasabi Sauce

Grand Café & Bakery: Dessert Topping, Sherry Vinaigrette

India Café: Curry Sauce for Meat, Sauce for Seafood, Tikka Masala (General Sauce)

Jen-e Tropical Creamy Garlic Dressing

Mom's Recipe Sauce

Pacific Poultry: Huli-Huli Sauce

Soul de Cuba: Mango Salsa, Mojo Marinade

Sunset Sauces: Pacific Pesto - Mac Nut Style, Pacific Pesto - Asian Style

Table Boss Safari Sauce

Wing Coffee Company: Thick Soy Sauce, Sweet & Sour Sauce, Plum Sauce, Hoisin Sauce, Black Bean Garlic

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