Some describe suspected drug dealer as friendly, helpful neighbor

David Harraway
David Harraway
Elaine Rutkowski
Elaine Rutkowski

By Minna Sugimoto - bio | email

EWA BEACH (HawaiiNewsNow) - A man arrested during a police raid at a suspected drug house in Ewa Beach Thursday is scheduled to make his initial court appearance Monday.

Some actually describe the alleged drug dealer as a friendly and helpful guy in their neighborhood. They say they noticed he had a lot of visitors, but assumed they were friends who shared his passion for fixing cars.

Police say David Harraway, 41, is a drug dealer, who kept high-powered guns and stolen property at his house on Amio Street. Some of his neighbors say they're stunned.

"It was something new to me," Michelle Rivera, suspect's neighbor, said. "I never, no violence. That house is so quiet."

Some who live in the area say they knew the suspect as Kawika, the neighborhood mechanic with a criminal past.

"It's hard when you're trying to make ends meet and you can't get hired," Elaine Rutkowski, suspect's neighbor, said. "You know, damned it you do, damned if you don't. I don't like the fact that he was selling drugs, but other than that, the guy is a nice guy."

Police say they seized a half-ounce of methamphetamine, four grams of marijuana, drug pipes, and 22 firearms -- including six revolvers, four rifles and four shotguns.

Rutkowski laughed, remembering a gift she once gave to her helpful neighbor.

"Couple of times I've given them things because, you know, other than that it goes to Salvation Army," she said. "So he came over. I told him, 'Kawika, you need a gun rack?' 'Oh yeah, I could use it.' Not realizing he had so many guns."

Other neighbors, who didn't want to speak on camera, say they suspected illegal activity, but didn't want to get involved. They say they do feel safer following the raid.

Many long-time Ewa Beach residents say drugs are a big problem now.

"This place has changed," Rivera said. "It can be better. Every place can be better, no matter where you go."

Harraway is charged with multiple drug offenses and auto theft. He remains at HPD's main cellblock, unable to post $100,000 bail.

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