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Movie Review: RABBIT HOLE

RABBIT HOLE is an honest, powerful, and very well acted drama about a married couple whose lives have been shattered by the sudden death of their four year old son.  
The tragedy almost destroys their marriage, because they have completely different ways of dealing with their grief.    

Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart are Becca and Howie. Their son Danny was accidentally run over  when he chased his dog into the street.  Eight months after the tragedy they are attending a bereavement group for parents whose children have died.

One grieving mother makes a comment that really angers Becca. "God had to take her," the woman says of her dead child. "He needed another angel."
With only a second's hesitation, Becca says to the group: "Why didn't he just make one? Another angel. He's God after all. Why didn't he just make another angel?"

Like any parents who suffer what psychologists believe to one of the most wounding losses anyone can experience, Becca and Howie are floundering.  
When Howie tries to seduce Becca for the first time since Danny was killed, Becca recoils. "I was just trying to make things nice," he says.

"You can't, all right?" she says. "Things aren't nice anymore.

Bcca tries to rid their house of all traces of their son, Danny. She gives his toys and clothes to Goodwill.

But Howie wants to remember. He likes to look at old video and photos of the boy, and he's upset that pictures of Danny aren't on display any more.

"There's no pictures! You have to stop erasing him. you have to stop it!" he screams.
And she screams back: "Do you really don't think I see him every second of the day?....What do you want from me?"

For awhile it looks like their marriage will come apart. Becca quits group and Howie becomes friendly with Sandra Oh. She plays a woman in the group whose husband has also stopped coming to the meetings.

Meanwhile, surprisingly, Becca spends some healing time with the high school boy who was driving the car that ran over Danny.

RABBIT HOLE is the kind of film many people avoid  because it sounds so sad. But be assured: this movie has some tender moments....and even a few laughs.  Plus, it ends on a note of  hope and peace that these characters truly earn.

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