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Recruiters hiring at Honolulu job fair

By Teri Okita – bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Job seekers - by the thousands - dusted off their resumes and put their best foot forward at the one-day Jobquest job fair in Honolulu.

The job applicants have walked many different paths to get here. Ron Okamura quit his job about a month ago. He's targeting recruiters in sales and customer service.

"It'll be a select few that I'm looking for in terms of employment, because I pretty much am aware of what I want to be doing," says Okamura.

Going from booth to booth, our crew could hear recruiters talking to a potential applicants. "Perfect. So, why don't I give you my card, and we can kind of stay in touch about any job opportunities."

Claudia Breisa and Charlotte Kristoffersen recently graduated with masters degrees from Hawaii Pacific University. Kristoffersen actually went back to school because she couldn't find work in 2008.

"And now, I'm back again, and you know, I'm hoping that it will be easier this time, but you know, looking around, there's a lot of people applying for a job," says Kristoffersen.

Jobquest runs this fair and says, while there are 20 less recruitment booths this time around, 20 percent more jobs are available - which means, the companies who are here are hiring. Like Disney. Applicants endured long lines to hear about the 1,200 openings at its new Ko'olina resort, Aulani.

"We're really looking to hire the best we can in the visitor industry," says Disney Aulani Public Affairs Director, Todd Apo.

Jobquest estimates about 5,000 applicants turned up here. When unemployment is low, they usually see between 3,000 and 4,000 job seekers.

"We're still going to see, in 2011, new job creation is kind of flat," says Beth Busch, Jobquest's spokeswoman. "That's why we're so happy to have Disney, because they're bringing so many new jobs."

And then, there's 75 year old Milla Jacoby. She's here because she wants to keep active. She's currently a tour guide and has been working for more than 60 years - with no signs of stopping.

"I'm looking for a position that I could be of service," says Jacoby.

Yes, they all have different reasons for being here but with the same hope of landing that perfect job.

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