Wet weather on Maui

Rene Widmer
Rene Widmer

"It was just too much water."

When the wave estimated to be thigh high subsided mud blanketed the parking lot and ground floor units.

"My wife got up and said water's coming in the hallway, just thick black chocolate milk coming in under our door.  It was coming quick." Chris Mizzoni, Visiting From Vancouver.

County crews came in with heavy equipment to clean up.

"These guys have been great, the county. They're just working, you know. They've been great." Ben Freitas, Resident Manager.

But with the loose soil underneath, a section of the road gave out, and one of the vehicles got stuck in a hole for a couple of hours.

"The back right wheel fell through.  It was precarious for a while it seemed.  We thought it might get pulled right in because water was still coming over the bridge."

Mudslides blocked South Kihei Road as well.

"I just had my son's friend drop me over there and then I just walked through the puddle." Melva Perry, Kihei Resident.

And Sugar Beach looked more like chocolate milk. Not the kind of video tourists expected to take home from Hawaii.

"I don't really know what to think, except, of course, these friends are from Switzerland. They expected nothing but sunshine.  So far we've had nothing but storms and rain." Rene Widmer, Visiting From Vancouver.

County crews installed steel plates as a temporary fix. Meanwhile, volunteers with the American Red Cross were on site to offer assistance. 

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