Living Lei Chic: Local beauty products

Revamp your beauty routine this new year with some unique and effective LOCAL beauty products.

1. Love Inside Out hair care products are made on Maui with natural/organic ingredients. Products range from $4-$40, depending on product and bottle size. You can buy them online at

2. Malie Organics Anti-Aging Firming Elasticity Cream is made on Kauai with natural acids from coffee berries. You can buy it at Martin & MacArthur stores (Ala Moana, Ward, Waikiki locations) for $59.

3. Maleana Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation is a heat/sweatproof foundation developed by Honolulu makeup artist Dorys Foltin. It costs $16 per tube. You can buy it at Maleana studio, 3705 Waialae Avenue, Suite 203, Kaimuki or at

4. Lash Card is an anti-clump, anti-smudge mascara tool created/owned by Hawaii Kai's Alice Kim. Buy it online at, $5.99 for a pack of 10.