Good Things: January 10, 2010

In this morning's Good Things...

They are revving their engines in Detroit for the 2011 Detroit Auto Show. This year, there is something to celebrate after a stellar year for the big three U.S. automakers. Some of the vehicles creating a big buzz are the more eco-friendly, high-gas mileage models. Even Mercedes has a new hybrid car, but the electric Chevrolet Volt continues to generate the biggest buzz.

In Tokyo, people from all across Japan joined in a tribute to Elvis. Thousands gathered to pick Japan's new Elvis King, who will also be give a chance later this year to test his skills against other Elvises around the world. This year's winner is Daisuke Kiryu. The 27-year-old melted the heart of judges with his youthful and energetic performance. The competition is part of a commemoration event to observe the legendary singer's birthday on January 8.

And he led the New York Knickerbockers to the promise land, but basketball great Walt Frazier may need a new fashion stylist. The New York Knicks analyst and NBA Hall-of-Famer shocked the fashion world with his funky leopard suit at the Knicks-Lakers game over the weekend. Frazier said the suit made him look "fast."