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Movie Review: Ten Best Films of 2010

 You may be surprised by the films I left off my ten best list: movies like "Inception," "True Grit," and "The Fighter" which I thought were worth seeing but overrated.
And I didn't include documentaries even though I really admired "Inside Story," "Waiting for Superman," and "442-Live With Honor; Die With Dignity," the heartfelt, and very well made film about Japanese-American soldiers in World War 2.

Here's my top ten:

l. THE KING'S SPEECH (now in theaters)
Colin Firth should win Best Actor for his performance in THE KING'S SPEECH as the stammering Duke of York who became King of England just before World War 2.

2. WINTER'S BONE (available on video)
In WINTER'S BONE Jennifer Lawrence is inspiring as a 17 year old who takes charge of her poverty stricken family after her drug dealing father disappears.

3. BLUE VALENTINE (opening soon in Hawaii)
Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling turn their emotions inside out as a young couple who come together and break apart in this powerful anatomy of a doomed relationship.

4. RABBIT HOLE (opening soon in Hawaii)     
Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart are totally believable  as a young married couple who have very different ways of coping after their young son is run over by a car and killed.

 5. THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES  (available on video)
This film is both a fascinating murder mystery and a powerful love story. It's unforgettable.

 6. HEREAFTER (soon to be available on video)     
 Clint Eastwood's underrated movie focuses on several characters who deal with an important question: What happens after we die?
Matt Damon stars.

7. THE SOCIAL NETWORK  (soon to be available on video)   
This well written biopic tries to explain the psychology of Mark Zuckerberg, the guy who started facebook when he was a Harvard student.  The story might not be true but it's fascinating speculation.

 8. SOLITARY MAN   (available on video)
This cautionary tale stars Michael Douglas as a foolhardy 60-year-old who still chases young women.

 9.  TOY STORY 3 (available on video)
 This wonderful film may be the best of all the animated movies designed to appeal to both kids and adults.      

10. FAIR GAME  (soon to be available on video)
Naomi Watts give an Oscar caliber performance as Valerie Plame, the CIA agent who was exposed by the Bush administration in 2003 to punish her husband for saying that Iraq was not building nuclear weapons.

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