One Last Vote Note

A couple of viewers commented to me about my editorial last week regarding the lack of voting that occurred in the leeward City Council special election. One viewer commented that I should try to be a part of the solution and not just lambaste the residents. That was never my intent. We had a nice repartee, and it got me to thinking- the election process serves only as the beginning for the general public.

Elected officials only survive if they get re-elected, and to get re-elected, they should be responsive to their constituents. So, now is a good time to start e-mailing, calling, or visiting with your area representatives to be sure your voice is heard. After all, there's a reason these people are called "representatives". You have a right and a duty to be heard. And if you aren't registered to vote, do so now and be done with it.

Another leeward-side viewer said that maybe he would have voted if he and the other eligible voters in his home had actually been mailed ballots. Wow! I wonder how many stories there are like that. In a tight election with so few ballots actually being mailed in like the leeward race, what if a few thousand people never got ballots, simply went about their daily lives, and never even had a chance to be heard? Well, now you can, and should, be heard. Use your power to make a difference through your elected officials. They represent you. To keep their jobs, they should earn your vote, your confidence, and maybe even your trust. Apathy almost always ensures sameness and status quo. And that's not what we need in 2011. Think about it…