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Honolulu pilot to retrace historic flight

Brian Daniel Brian Daniel

By Jim Mendoza - bio | email 

KALAELOA (HawaiiNewsNow) - When commercial pilot Brian Daniel takes a seat and buckles up, he's a throwback to aviators of old.

"They were out there doing it," he said.

And so is he.

Like those pioneers of the sky, very little comes between Daniel's body and open air.

"No windows. No walls. No windshield. The instruments are in the floor," he said.

Daniel pilots a home built experimental aircraft called a Breezy. It looks like a winged skeleton.

He said the craft is pretty close in specs and design to another airplane.

"I have the aircraft that resembles the original Curtiss Model D Pusher that was used for that first flight," he said.

On December 31, 1910, seven years after the Wright brothers first flight, a man named Bud Mars flew his bi-plane made of spruce, steel tubing and rubberized silk wings over Moanalua Valley.

It was the first airplane flight over Honolulu.

Daniel plans to retrace Mars' route to honor a flyer who went where no one had gone before.

"It wasn't for everybody. And I'm doing the same thing because this is not for everybody," he said.

Daniel's logged 2,000 miles of airtime in his flying machines. The Breezy cruises at 800 feet and 65 miles an hour.

"You're sitting way out in front, right over the nose wheels," he said. "You can really look at the ground. And that's what flying for me is, looking at the ground."

Back in 1910, Mars' air show attracted a lot of onlookers who stopped to watch him make history.

Daniel's tribute trip will probably go unnoticed. Forty-five minutes in the air, takeoff to touch down.

But for the man in the driver's seat it will be a flight to remember.

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