Ask Howard: January 5, 2011

It's Wednesday and that means it's time for Ask Howard.

  • "Hey, Howard, what Major League Baseball team has the most wins in a season?"
  • "Howard, several businesses are considered recession-proof. I heard there has been a 20% growth in the seed industry. Has this been caused by people growing their own foods to cut grocery expenses?"
  • "Hey, Howard, what is your favorite all-girl school here on the island?"
  • "Howard, I know that every business has been hurt by the recession, but I heard that the Girl Scouts are stunned by reporting 19% fewer advance sales for their cookies. What can non-profits like the Girl Scouts do?"
  • "Hey, Howard, why do you think arts and education are important?"
  • "Some states require that legal documents be signed in blue ink. Why?"
  • "Hey, Howard, what was your New Year's resolution?"
  • "Howard, what does 'GOP' stand for? And do the Democrats have a similar name?"