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Tree crashes into girl's Nuuanu bedroom

Firefighters work cut remove a tree that fell on a Nuuanu home Monday. Firefighters work cut remove a tree that fell on a Nuuanu home Monday.

By Brooks Baehr - bio | email

NUUANU (HawaiiNewsNow) – A mother and her five year old daughter were shaken this morning when a large section of a tall banyan tree crashed through the roof of their rented home on Dowsett Avenue and into the girl's bedroom. Fortunately they were not hurt.

"We've had a couple branches fall off this tree before, but nothing of this magnitude and nothing to really make us think that something like this could happen," said John Craddock, who's girlfriend was in the home with her daughter at the time.

"My girlfriend and her daughter were sitting in the living room watching TV, heard a huge crack and this huge banyan tree in front of the house fell and hit the front of the house. It punctured right through the ceiling of the front room right where the daughter sleeps. Knocked a huge chunk of ceiling down onto her bed and there's still a big limb sticking through the ceiling right now. So fortunately she was not in the room," Craddock added.

Firefighters responding to a call for help cut away some of the branches thus reducing weight on the roof, but they decided to leave the rest of the clean-up to professional tree trimmers.

"Some of it is under tension and if you don't cut it right, it could shift and cause further damage. So right now it's fine. The house isn't in any further danger unless you cut the tree wrong and cause the weight to shift," said Honolulu Fire Captain Terry Seelig.

There was a brisk wind in Nuuanu Monday morning, but nothing too unusual. It appears some kind of disease or bug infestation had weakened the trunk.

At least half of the tree is still standing. Craddock would like it inspected and, if needed, reduced in height. Betsy McCreay, who lives across the street, wants the tree topped.

"It's a very tall tree and it could just (fall on our house) because our bedroom is in the front of the house," McCreary said.

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