Good Things: December 30

HONOLULU, Oahu (HawaiiNewsNow) - Female inmates in northern Thailand are baking and selling New Years cakes this year as part of their rehabilitation program. The prison bakery offers inexpensive cakes with different flavors and decorations as part of a vocational program to teach women skills they can use after they get out of prison. many people buy the cakes as new years gifts for friends and relatives, and the prison bakery says it's received 500-orders this season. The bakers are receiving a share of the sales as long as complete all their orders by the first of the year.

In one of the biggest moves to help the enviroment. Italy will ban the use of plastic bags. The ban on single-use plastic bags will take effect county-wide at the beginning of the new year. The ban is designed to reduce carbon emissions and improve the environment. Plastic bags biodegrade very slowly and could stay in the environment for decades and are potentially harmful to marine life and other animals.

This morning Beijing officials opened five new subway lines across the Chinese capital. The new lines will connect central Beijing to the city's outskirts and will run a combined length of about 67-miles. With more than four-point-eight million vehicles register in Beijing alone. Officials hope the new lines will ease massive traffic jams in the city of some 17-million people. Beijing now has 14 subway lines and more than five-million people use its metro network every day.