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Coming up on Sunrise this Morning

Good morning Sunrise viewers,

They're calling themselves the "Noble 9."  But at least one political analyst calls them the "Forgotten 9."  Representative Colleen Hanabusa is getting ready to leave for Congress.  She's part of a small class of freshmen democrats that is overshadowed by the influx of republicans.  How does she plan to make an immediate impact?  She's stopping by this morning to chat.

He was surfing near Kahului Harbor when a shark took a bite out of his leg.  Witnesses told us his foot looked like "hamburger meat" before it got sewn up.  Now the 15-year-old survivor is telling his story.  Find out what happened out in the ocean.  And will the teenager get back on his board after his encounter with the 8-10 foot predator?

And what a year for celebrities.  Lindsay Lohan went to jail.  Sandra Bullock won an Oscar... but then found out her husband was cheating on her.  Then there were Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen's stories.  We'll rehash the top entertainment stories of 2010.

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