Residents clean up after 'Monsoon Monday'

Emergency crews on scene.
Emergency crews on scene.
Neighborhood flooding.
Neighborhood flooding.
More flood control.
More flood control.

By Brooks Baehr - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - After surveying the damage Tuesday, it looks like we got off lucky. Sure there's clean-up to do, but considering how hard it rained Monday night, the mess isn't all that bad.

It dumped in Kapolei.

Rivers of run-off covered streets with dirt and debris.

Traffic slowed to a crawl and roads were closed.

In Waimalu the fire department set up pumps to remove standing water around homes.

"In just a few minutes it just rose right up and the ground is so saturated that, you know, it just can't go anywhere else," resident Mary Miyagi said.

Here's a look at that same neighborhood Tuesday. The rain had stopped, but puddles were still there.

Up the coast in Waianae… more of the same.

Residents spent the morning cleaning up after Monday's monsoon.

"It was a lot of water, like it would stop raining and it would start raining again. And it just kept doing that," resident Sosefina Matautia said.

"It was getting in the house because our house is kind of tilting this way," resident Legend Matautia said.

Fast moving water overwhelmed drainage pipes on Puhawai Road in Lualualei.

A city crew spent the day removing debris from the stream and clearing the street.

"Last night was real bad. A couple cars got stuck," Puhawai Road resident Frank Matias said.

"It was like maybe almost over ankle high and people couldn't get through or anything, so yeah, it gets bad like this every time when it just rains one time hard," Puhawai Road resident Eddie Hernandez said.

A couple blocks away on Kuwale Road ... another problem area. A place where water backs up because of inadequate drainage. People here were delighted to see Tuesday morning's blue sky had replaced the rain clouds.

"I believe we have enough. We usually need for water all the plants. But we have enough already," Kuwale Road resident Fue Maneafaiga said.

Waianae had about two inches of rain Monday night and about four inches fell on Palehua Ridge above Makakilo.

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