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Brown Water Advisories Posted

Photo: Peggy Sucher - Ko'olina Photo: Peggy Sucher - Ko'olina
Flooding at Koolina off ramp Flooding at Koolina off ramp

HONOLULU, Oahu (HawaiiNewsNow) - Because of the heavy rains county officials have issued brown water advisories for the entire island of Kauai and parts of Maui.

We've been getting pictures into the newsroom of some of the affected areas. Filthy out at Hanalei, the waterfalls are gushing right above that area and the Hanalei river is a dirty brown because of all of the run-off. Both sides of the I'ao stream mouth and the area around Kihei are swamped with murky water as well. A spokesperson from the Department of Health advises the public to stay out of the water to prevent serious health issues.

"When an infected animal urinates into the water body, or mud or wet vegetation, and you have an open wound or if you go swimming the water gets into your mucus membranes your eyes, your ears, your nose. You can get very ill and if you don't get taken care of properly you will die," said Watson Okubo, Clean Water Branch Monitor Analysis Section Chief.

In a brown water event the amount of bacteria in the water grows exponentially. Flood waters may also contain pesticides, dead animals, water borne diseases, fecal matter and flesh-eating bacteria.

County officials will determine when the water is safe to re-enter. Here on Oahu, no swimming signs were actually taken down today at Makaha beach. I also checked out the Ala wai today and it's not brown just yet but, as Guy Hagi said, that is quickly changing.

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