Sand Island bar looking to donate a thousand dollars to charity

Samuel Nakata
Samuel Nakata
The dollar bills left by patrons on the bar's walls
The dollar bills left by patrons on the bar's walls

By Tannya Joaquin - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - New owners of a longtime Sand Island bar decided it was time for a change. Money hanging on the walls for years had to go. The bar's owners are looking to donate about a thousand dollars; dollars with an interesting history.

All this money was pasted on the clocks, the walls, the televisions, the ceiling.

So many dollar bills, Rendezvous Sports Bar had to figure out what to do with them when renovations started. Each one has a customer's calling card.

Rendevous' owner, Samuel Nakata, said, "From military, to tourists. Came in her and said, 'I got a dollar. Here's my name. Let's pin it somewhere.We're guessing it's close to 1000. We kind of guesstimated. Walls rows: 10 in each row; 20 down sideways." He then continued, "We said let's take all the money down decide to donate it."

At first, customers got mad when the cash came down.

Nakata said, "They wanted to reminisce. That's their mark, but when we said we're donating it, they said that's cool."

That's where the story of money-- gets funny. The owners want to donate the cash to a charity -- but so far, no luck.

Nakata told us, "I said I got this money come and get it. Help us out. We'll help you out.Nobody replied." That's when Nakata called us, hoping we can get the word out that there's cold cash waiting to go to a good cause.

You can reach the restaurant owner at He said if he's interested in donating the money to your particular charity, he'll contact you.

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