Irons' widow files suit to block coroner's report

Andy Irons
Andy Irons

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Lyndie Irons, widow of surfing star Andy Irons, has asked a Texas court to delay releasing a report on her husband's cause of death saying the media will release the coroner's findings and damage the champion surfer's brand.

Philip Andrew "Andy" Irons was a three-time world champion surfer. He died at a hotel in Grapevine, Texas Nov. 2.

According to published reports, hotel staff became alarmed when Irons failed to respond to a knock on the door and found his lifeless body in bed.

In reporting the surfer's death, the Association of Surfing Professionals said he had reportedly been stricken with dengue fever, a viral disease. Speculation about Irons' death at the age of 32 soon spread.

His widow filed a federal complaint filed in Tarrant County, Texas. She said that media frenzy has compounded an already stressful time for her and the couple's son, born a month after Irons died.

"Due to his celebrity status, his death has been reported by various news media outlets with suggestions and innuendo of drug use," the complaint states. "The media has been so aggressive in covering Andy Iron's death that they have called her and her other family members repeatedly and even camped out in the front yard of Lyndie Irons, causing great distress to her and her newborn child."

The widow says the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office is about to prematurely release its autopsy findings, despite the fact that additional questions about her husband's death have been raised to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Irons says she and her newborn son, Andy Axel Irons, are entirely dependent on the financial well-being of Irons' company, and the court should issue a six-month injunction on the report so that media coverage can subside.

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