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Gearing up for a healthy New Year

By Lisa Spodak (
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There's nothing magical about January first, but there is something appealing about starting the New Year with healthy new goals in mind.

Opening up a new datebook (yes, I still use a paper datebook!), getting used to writing a new year and starting new good habits all seem to come together in a  package.

I've been struggling with my weight a lot lately and it feels like no matter what I try I just can't get back on track and focused like I was before my birthday last year, but I'm feeling very optimistic about 2011. 

For one thing, my office is moving locations and I'm trying to focus on that as the first step toward positive change.  The new building has a gym and a cafeteria with lots of healthy options so I really won't have any excuses regarding exercise and diet come January third. 

I'm also looking to move to a new apartment by April and think a relatively drastic move out of Manhattan and in with roommates will be just the things I need to help me break out of some bad habits.  The change in locale will help feel like I'm getting a fresh start and the addition of roommates will give me people to cook with and to have dinner with so I'm not always just ordering in.

Even with the excitement growing toward the end of the year, I've felt a little bit in limbo because I'm so focused on what's coming that I find myself resisting change in the meantime.  I'm happy to report that I have managed a few baby steps though -- I've started going back to my favorite class at the gym on Saturday mornings and have rejoined Weight Watchers to try out their new PointsPlus program. I also bought a crock pot as part of my effort to cook at home more often without having to do too much after a long day.  Baby steps.

I know things won't just suddenly become easier when the door closes on 2010, but I'm not above jumping on the New Year's resolution bandwagon to help me get some momentum to move in the right direction.

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