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Sewage a recurring problem in Kailua

Brown water conditions in Kailua Brown water conditions in Kailua
Signs posted to ward people off Signs posted to ward people off
Bernhard Marback Bernhard Marback
Dave Chow Dave Chow
Joshua Terry Joshua Terry

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Sewage, it's a recurring problem in Kailua.

Something people there are all too familiar with. It starts with heavy rain.

When the ground gets saturated water infiltrates city sewer lines. The pipes can't handle the volume so water bubbles up through manhole covers.

The trouble spot in Kailua is on Wanaao Road. The sewage goes from the road to Kaelepulu Stream. And the stream flows down to Kailua Beach Park.

The city has to open the stream mouth to prevent flooding.

So all that brown contaminated water goes right into the ocean.

Today the city posted signs warning people about the contamination. Some see the signs and heed the warning.

Some people miss the signs. And others read them, but go swimming anyway.

"We've seen signs but we are not aware of any kind of pollution so we went swimming, said Bernhard Marback, a German tourist. "We took a shower afterwards."

We were out there. We didn't see anything really," said Canadian Dave Chow. "We were thinking it's open water. We didn't think it would be too bad."

"We were coming here planning on going swimming, but after seeing the sign and reading what it means, we won't be going swimming," said Joshua Terry from Dallas.

The Clean Water Branch of the state Health Department is monitoring the water quality. It does not have an estimate on just how much sewage spilled.

Kailua's not the only place this has happened.

Sewage also made it into the water at Kaneohe Bay, Koko Marina, Keehi Lagoon and other places.

Before you go in, check for signs ... and always take a throughout shower when you get out.


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