Samoan family could use Helping Hands

Fatu Hugo
Fatu Hugo

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Two years ago Fatu Hugo and his family left Samoa hoping to make a better life for themselves here in the U.S. but they found that juggling a family of six here in Hawaii has proven difficult.

Without childcare or anyone to watch his children Fatu struggled to keep a job.

"I cannot use the excuse, my kids, my kids all the time. Unfortunately we don't have that many people or family that would help us." he said during a recent interview.

Living from place to place, Fatu jokingly admits that they were quite aware whenever they had over-stayed their welcome.

"We'd just call around friends and family, we never actually asked, we'd just say 'oh we're coming over for a visit,' " he laughs recalling those difficult times.

But strong and good natured, he handled things the best he could. The truth was that for an entire year, Fatu and his family had nowhere to live.

He describes his daily routine: "They'd be at a park the whole day and wait for me to get off. When I got off it was like, where we going to go and take a shower? You know as a father you're thinking like, man what am I going to do."

After a year of sleeping on living room floors, in public parks and in their car, the family recently found help at the Onemalu transitional shelter. Fatu has also found a full time job.

But with Christmas just a few short days away, there isn't a whole lot of money for gifts and there is a Christmas wish list in the household.

Mom wants a netbook computer, a Nintendo DS for Viliamu, a PSP for Jahzion, clothing and toys for baby Alaynah and anything princess for Cassidy who admitted she also loves books, about princesses of course.

Fatu hopes with help from Santa and the community, their own home will be filled with love and plenty of presents for the entire family.

To adopt a family this holiday season or to make a monetary donation -- please call Helping Hands Hawaii at 440-3803.

You can also stop by any First Hawaiian Bank.

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