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UH commencement speaker tries to solve mysteries of universe

Samuel Ting Samuel Ting
The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer

By Brooks Baehr - bio | email

Nobel Prize winning physicist Samuel Ting will deliver the keynote address during commencement ceremonies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa Saturday.  Then he will get back to the project that has consumed his life for the past 15 years and may eventually explain all human life.

Ting is the principal investigator who has overseen development of a $2 billion alpha magnetic spectrometer, AMS.  In April the space shuttle Endeavour will carry the AMS to the International Space Station.  If all goes as planned, the AMS will detect and measure antimatter.  Analysis of this antimatter may help explain the origin of the universe.

"Every elementary particle has its anti-particle - and this we know from accelerators.  But if the universe came from the Big Bang …there must be equal amounts of matter and antimatter," Ting told Hawaii News Now.  "The universe is 15-billion years old, so we ask where is the universe made out of antimatter?"

Ting's alpha magnetic spectrometer may answer that question.

The UH Manoa commencement begins at 9 a.m. at the Stan Sheriff Center.  More than 1,100 students will be getting diplomas.  The ceremony is free to the public. 


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