Real Estate of Mind: Finding the Right Agent

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Selling a home is a significant transaction. Selecting the right agent to represent you can make a big difference in achieving your objectives of time, money or both.  But how do you go about finding the right agent for you? Marti Hazzard, a realtor associate with Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties has a list of questions you will want to ask as you search for the right agent.

l.   What is the agent's experience in selling homes in your neighborhood and price range? You want to have an experienced agent who has the broadest experience in the neighborhood. You are looking for an agent who is well versed in pricing and knows what kind of people are buying real estate in the neighborhood. 

2.  Do they understand my segment of the market?  What can they tell you about the current buyers?  You need to  be  confident that the agent knows and understands the target buyer. That will be foremost in developing a marketing plan that will attract potential buyers to the home. You want to select an agent who knows the psychology behind the buyer.  If you are selling a higher end property, what kind of buyers may be interested? Foreign? Mainland? Local buyers?

3.  How anxious is the agent to put your home on the market today? You want them to truly consider what will help you sell your home. Planning and preparation are extremely important: cleaning, de-cluttering, painting, remodeling, and showcasing.  If the agent rushes you to market, you may not achieve your objectives.  Beware of an agent who is ready and willing to list today, even if you're asking them to do so!

4. How do they consider what your selling price should be?  Make sure the agent has a strategy that makes sense to you, even if it's not the pricing you want to hear.

5.  Make sure you hire a professional, full-time agent.  You don't want something this important to you to be a "hobby" to your agent. You want a full commission, full service agent who will drop everything to handle that challenges that come along. A part-time agent working for a cut-rate commission does not have that same incentive. 

Most important is that you are comfortable working with the agent, because selling your home is like a partnership.

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