Gov. Abercrombie appoints key cabinet members to administration

Gov. Neil Abercrombie
Gov. Neil Abercrombie

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Gov. Neil Abercrombie is almost done appointing his new cabinet.

He announced 11 more of his picks on Wednesday.

They're for various departments including Defense, Human Services, Transportation and Accounting and General Services.

One key appointee is Maj. General Darryll Wong as adjutant general.

He says preparing for the APEC meeting in Honolulu next year will be his first focus.

"There's a big presence here in Hawaii of just military. And that's why it's important for us to always be aware and not let our guard down," Wong said.

Another major appointee is Glenn Okimoto as director of the Department of Transportation.

He says he's already doing some reorganizing to help create more jobs.

"In the past, as the governor mentioned, there was deputies for airports, harbors and highways. We're going to move away from that and assign one solely to move capitol improvement projects so that we can get the money into the economy and the people back to work," Okimoto said.

The governor also chose Jeffrey Ono for consumer advocate.

Abercrombie has now named 14 department directors and 12 deputy directors.

"This thing has kind of unfolded in a way that has led me to happily to be able to put the health department and the AG last. But that's also revelatory to me. It's going to work out better as a result," Abercrombie said.

The department directors must be confirmed by the state Senate.

Two of those slots, the Attorney General and Health Department director, have not been filled.

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