Warrior football team focuses on finals

Bronson Tiwanak
Bronson Tiwanak
Scott Enos
Scott Enos

MANOA (HawaiiNewsNow) - It's finals week for the University of Hawaii and the Warrior football team decided to shift its focus fully on academics, at least until Wednesday, when the team decided to resume practice.

Monday and Tuesday's scheduled practices were canceled, so players could get caught up with school work.

The Warriors have missed a total of 20 school days this season because of away games. However, the team is still studying film and holding meetings in preparation for the Tulsa game.

Still, some players were out on the practice field Monday morning, getting in some conditioning.

"We had some rest last week, we're just going to come out and do some fundamental things and then have some of the younger guys scrimmage and stuff, I guess there's some people who'd like to get some extra studying," Warriors center Bronson Tiwanak said.

Warrior kicker Scott Enos said it's all about keeping fresh.

"I think it's important to finish strong in school as well as training, right now I'm trying to rest up a bit, as well as focus on my technique, it's important to keep the technique going, because at this part of the season, the strength is there, but the technique and finish strong," he said.

The Warriors and Golden hurricane kick things off at the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl, next week Friday at 3 p.m.

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