Woman still recovering from head-on crash involving Colt Brennan

David Chen and Theresa Wang
David Chen and Theresa Wang
David Chen and Dr. Caesar Ursic
David Chen and Dr. Caesar Ursic

By Brooks Baehr - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The swelling in Theresa Wang's brain has gone down and she's begun to move her extremities.

But her recovery will take months, maybe even years and she may never be 100 percent.

"It has been a difficult three-and-a-half weeks since I answered that fateful phone call," Theresa's husband David Chen said.

That phone call told David Chen about this: the crash on Queen Kaahumanu Highway. The SUV driven by Colt Brennan's girlfriend, Shakti Stream, has crossed the center line and slammed head on into the sedan driven by Chen's wife Theresa Wang.

"Theresa's injuries were life threatening and the road to recovery will take months if not years to complete," Chen said.

Wang had broken her neck, both arms, both legs, some ribs and suffered a serious head injury.

"As far as her brain swelling, that's much improved to the point where she is no longer in a coma and is able to interact and communicate with us. She can't really speak yet because she has an artificial airway in her trachea, but that should come out, I would think within the next week or so and then she will be able to speak with us, so overall there's been remarkable improvement," The Queen's Medical Center's Dr. Caesar Ursic said.

Chen says he harbors no ill will and instead has compassion for Stream or Brennan.

"No body wanted this to happen and it's just unfortunate circumstances for all involved," Chen said.

Chen has a website to keep friends up-to-date on his wife's recovery. It's called HulaTerri.blogspot.com.

Expenses related to her care are mounting, so they are accepting donations through the website.

"We ask that all concerned people keep continue to remember Theresa during her healing process," Chen said.

Stream was released from the hospital just days after the crash.

Brennan, who broke his clavicle and banged his head, is recuperating as his parents home in Irvine, Calif.

His memory is at times still a bit foggy, but is expected to make a full recovery.

If you'd like to stay updated on Wang's progress, or are interested in making a donation toward her recovery, click HERE.

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