Krash Kealoha remembered

Krash Kealoha, whose real name was Victor Opiopio
Krash Kealoha, whose real name was Victor Opiopio

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - What better way than through music to say goodbye to Krash Kealoha, at a memorial marked by so many personal memories.

"You have a wonderful voice...psshht.. you should try to use it sometimes.. pblnblblbtl," said Billy V.

Krash, whose real name was Victor Opiopio, spent decades in radio, but it's what he brought to the airwaves. That has become his lasting legacy.

He's cited as the father of modern Hawaiian radio. And the first to broadcast local music to the people who loved it. Skylark Rossettim said, "It was at the insistence of Krash that we embrace our roots and our culture and embrace who we are."

He was also the creator of the Na Hoku Hano Hano awards. His family says it was his magnetism that brought ideas and people together.

His wife, Christine Opiopio said, "everybody loved my husband." "I know that he is smiling, he's probably saying, you need to get the soundman to turn it up a little bit."

Victor Opiopio was celebrated as a perfectionist at his trade and also as a loving family man.

Victor Opiopio's daughter, Hulali said, "He just was so supportive always there to talk, always there to listen, to give advice."

Although he's gone, his legacy endures, as long as the sweet sounds of Hawaiian music play on.

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