Seasonal Fair

It's always beautiful this time of year to see the lights that decorate so many neighborhoods. Some people even leave their lights strung up for a while after the holiday season ends and why not- it looks nice, and it makes you feel good when you drive by, doesn't it? So why can't we all continue that holiday spirit after December wanes and we welcome in the new year?  I mean, when you welcome something in, if you have manners, shouldn't you be civil to it forever?

And by the way, this egg nog thing- good drink, filling and fattening, I know, but why can't we chug it in February or April? Wouldn't it also be enjoyable for the other 11-months a year? Actually, going back a few weeks, if stuffing a turkey is so good, which it is, why don't we do it every other month and invite family and friends over- after all, if it works in late November, it'll work in May or August, yeh? And FYI, fruitcake can work as a doorstop in any month of the year, not just around holiday time.

This annual ritual about being a little nicer, a little more tolerant, a little more perceptive and caring and understanding… if we can do that for a few weeks in December year after year, can't we make it a regular habit? After all, we make the rules, don't we? No one forces us to be crabby and oblivious right after the ornaments are taken down. If it's too much to ask everyone to act so kindly year round, maybe we can do it the last week of every month for a trial period, like the next 50 years, and see how it goes. We know we're capable of it- we prove it every year from Thanksgiving time through the last football bowl game.

Find something you do well for others or make sharing and caring a habit, not just a December ritual- shouldn't be too tough, since you already know you can do it. There's a resolution you've already got a handle on. Think about it...