Chatting with Billy V: December 8, 2010

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Larry King Live, the longest running CNN program, will air its final episode December 16. The show began in 1985 and brings in over 1 million viewers each night on average.

Sarah Palin says she'll never be a contestant on ABC's Dancing With The Stars because she's just too clumsy. 
Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnik faces charges stemming from punching a woman in the face. Despite feeling she was taunted and provoked into a fight, Pivarnik intends to cooperate with authorities fully and is expected in court next month.
Lindsey Lohan has been given her car keys two weeks after her license was restored by Los Angeles County. The Betty Ford clinic has now deemed her ready to drive again while on a pass from the sober living facility.
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