Ask Howard: Danny DeVito, Mom vs. Wife

Part 1:

  • "Why, when it comes to religious issues in this society, does religion seem to get a free pass and not asked the same kind of critical questions that other disciples such as economic would be asked?"
  • "I'm trying to budget out my Christmas shopping list. Do you think it is okay to spend more money on a gift for your mother than for you wife?"
  • "If you had a son, which high school would you send him to, St. Louis or Damien?"
  • "Do you believe it is possible for our economy to recover faster than most people predict? What events would have to happen to allow that to pass?"

Part 2:

  • "Why is Obama going back on his word and extending the tax cuts?"
  • "Does traveling toward or away from the international dateline cause any difference in time spent traveling due to the Earth's rotation?"
  • "Do you think Hawaii Five-0 should now cast Danny DeVito as governor of the state of Hawaii for future shows?"