Chai's Choices

Chef Chai brought in a guest to help him out in the kitchen. Chef Isaac Bancaco of the Grand Wailea Resort on Maui shared these recipes.



Singaporean Spiny Kipahulu Lobster with Macadamia Nut Coulis and Spiny Lobster Lomilomi

Serves 4

For the Lobster:

4ea         1# Hawaiian Spiny Lobsters

2T           Garlic, sliced Paper thin

2T           Shallots, sliced Paper thin

.5t           Pink Peppercorns, ground

.5t           White Peppercorns, ground

.5t           Black Peppercorns, ground

2c            Lobster Stock, chilled

1/2c        White wine

1/2c        Fish Sauce

1T           Oyster Sauce

1T           Cooking Oil

2T           Butter

1ea         Lemon, Juice only


In a small container combine stock, wine, fish sauce and oyster sauce and set aside.  To break down the lobsters remove the head from the tail, set aside the head, then segment the tails width wise along their natural cross sections shell included (you should get 5 segments per tail).  In an extremely hot sauté pan add oil and sauté Garlic and Shallots until they barely start to caramelize.  Add in the segmented Lobster tail and all 3 peppers, stir until pepper is toasted and becomes aromatic.  Deglaze with liquid mixture and reduce by 80%.  Through the reduction process turn the lobster segments to ensure even cooking.  Once liquid is reduced remove lobster, finish with lemon juice while slowly whisking in butter.  Reserve both sauce and lobster for plate up.

Macadamia Nut Coulis:

2c            Macadamia Nuts

3c            heavy Cream

1c            water

1ea         vanilla bean

1T           Sugar

1T           shiro miso paste

Procedure:  In a small sauce pan combine all ingredients, be sure to split the vanilla bean to maximize flavor.  Simmer until Mac nuts become extremely tender about 1 ½ hours.  Puree the mixture until it looks like fluffy "wet sand," then reserve warm in a covered container.

Spiny Lobster Lomilomi:

2oz         Spiny lobster meat, brunoise

2oz         Oluwalu Tomatoes or any vine ripened Tomatoes, brunoise

1oz         Maui onion, brunoise

.5oz        Spicy sesame oil

tt             Hawaiian Salt

½ oz       Chives

Procedure:  combine all ingredients in a medium mixing bowl and let marinate for at least 1 hour.

Plating:  On your chosen china put a dollop of Macadamia Nut coulis down, then arrange the lobster segments on top of that.  Heat the Singaporean sauce and ladle over the lobster.  Garnish with the Lobster Lomi and serve.