COPY-The Process for Filling an Open Position

Today many employers face many challenges in time when seeking an employee for an open position.  While many companies have human resource departments or for smaller companies a human resource manager, one would say these people can find a candidate or person suitable for their needs.

So let's break it down, the process in looking for candidates is a time-consuming process.    From advertising, to screening resumes, to interviewing, reference checking and possible testing total number of hours one spends looking for one candidate can take a total of 8 hours.  Times the eight hours by ten candidates you decide to interview and you are looking at a total of two weeks time or almost eighty hours.

The executive recruiter or staffing company, can minimize the amount of time needed to find a candidate.  Companies like ours, conduct a comprehensive interview, measure typing, clerical, word, excel skills so skills are well-matched to the position, we reference check the candidates, and if everything checks out well, we submit the best candidate to the company.  Imagine, it takes a call and several days at least, for candidates who have been through the complete process to be presented.  The eight hours or eighty hours can now be spent on other more pressing company issues.

Cost is almost equal to the eighty hours spent looking for a candidate.  Saving your time and money can be an attractive alternative to meeting any company's needs.

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