Real Estate of Mind: Marketing a Luxury Home

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Planning and preparation.. you'll need both before you put your home up for sale. But for those who own a luxury home, the prep time could be 6 months or longer and the cost could be tens of thousands of dollars. In today's Real Estate of Mind, we take a look at what it takes to get a multi-million dollar property ready for market.

Effectively marketing a luxury home requires an even higher level of attention to detail before the home is presented to a discerning public.

  1. A home will be visited by more potential buyers and agents during the first couple of weeks than it will be during the entire remaining listing period.
    1. It must be presented in its best light when it first comes on the market.
    2. It is difficult to get people back to a home they have already seen, even if improvements were made later.
  2. The number of luxury home buyers is limited.  You cannot afford to miss the opportunity to showcase a luxury home when the opportunity presents itself.
    1. The home must present well to current luxury buyers who have specific expectations and desires.  
  3. It often takes time and resources to properly prepare a luxury home for sale.
    1. Not rushing to the market before the home is truly ready is important.  Some homes can take a year to prepare for sale.
    2. An experienced luxury market real estate agent is critical to the process in order to prepare the home in a manner that will have the appeal needed and pay back improvements made.

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