Unshipped trash on pace to be gone by March

KAPOLEI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Hawaiian Waste Systems is gradually getting to the bottom of the trash pile left behind at its Campbell Industrial Park facility, but the company is yet to dig out of the debt it owes some of its vendors.

Two months after the green trash bales have started to be removed, progress has been made.  About 6,500 tons have been disposed of so far.  That's about a third of the 20,000 ton total.  It's slightly behind schedule because the H-power plant was down two weeks in November.  However a city spokesperson says they are making up for lost time by increasing the amount of garbage it takes a day.

The city says all the waste removed so far has been burned at the H-power facility.  None of it has gone to the landfill.

Another new development, various companies rented containers to Hawaiian Waste Systems to store the trash.  Now the containers are being returned.  One company got 28 of the 30 containers back, but says they're still owed $84,000 in fees.  The owner says the containers they did get back reek and have been difficult to clean.

Some of Hawaiian Waste's neighbors have complained as well.  The bales have been sitting stagnant for more than a year.  As crews break them up to transfer the stench fills the air around the facility.  Employees say the dust settles in and around their business causing breathing and cleanliness problems.

The city still expects all the trash bales to be removed by the end of February or early March, but the way the whole thing has gone some neighbors still expect problems to surface.

We were not able to reach Hawaiian Waste System managers for a comment today.

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