Ask Howard: December 1

(HawaiiNewsNow) - It's Wednesday, and that means it's time to put Howard in the hot seat with all of your questions.

  • "Why are there interstate highways in Hawaii?"
  • "Hi, Howard, what type of app will be the next big or useless thing on the iPhone? And do you think Steve Uyehara will ever get a smart phone from Santa?"
  • "Howard, what is your favorite food to eat during the holiday season?"
  • "With the holiday season upon us, what is a good gift to get for someone who's birthday is Christmas day? Is it okay to combine birthday and Christmas gifts?"
  • "Hey, Howard, I was wondering you are supposed to get an exboyfriend for Christmas."
  • "Hey, Howard, who came up with the saying 'that's the real McCoy?' What does it mean and who is this McCoy fella?"
  • "Where should my new husband and I go for our honeymoon next year?"
  • "Hey, Howard, what do you think would be the economic fallout of a successful war to reunite the Korean Peninsula? Would Hawaii prosper with a conflict so close by?"