Mayor Carlisle's filling cabinet seats

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Mayor Peter Carlisle is quickly filling the seats of his cabinet.

He's announced eight more appointments in the Departments of Parks and Recreation, Community Services, Design and Construction, Transportation, and Information Technology.

Some of the names may sound familiar.

Sam Moku has been designated as director of Community Services, and Gary Cabato has been named director of Parks and Recreation.

That appointment comes amid some controversy. Former city parks director, Lester Chang, recently resigned citing lack of support from the Carlisle administration. The parks director oversees almost 300 parks on Oahu, and Cabato says one of the first things he's looking into is improving the organizational culture.

"As you change that culture, there's two things that can happen. You increase efficiency and increase productivity," Parks and Recreation director designate Gary Cabato said.

Albert Tufono, who served as chairman of the Hawaii Paroling Authority has been appointed as deputy director of Parks and Recreation, and Bill Balfour will become special assistant. Balfour served as the parks and recreation director under mayor Jeremy Harris.

All of mayor Carlisle's appointees have to be confirmed by the city council.

Meanwhile, Mayor Carlisle's office staffers have been crunching the numbers themselves, trying to figure out how to deal with a projected deficit of more than $100 million.

Furloughs for many city workers will end next summer, and Carlisle says he won't continue the practice of four-day work weeks.

"I don't believe that that's healthy for government, and I don't think it does any justice or service to the private sector. They have to keep on working, and if they can't get us to help them with what they need to get done, everything just backs up," Carlisle said.

To rein in city spending, the mayor says he will consider both pay freezes and hiring freezes as a way to get the budget back on track.

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