The world's largest thank you card

Nick Mann shows us his website
Nick Mann shows us his website

By Keahi Tucker - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A Honolulu man has spent the last 2 years creating the world's largest thank you card and you're invited to sign in.

Nick Mann created the website .  The site shows a floating globe. You can zoom into an area and post a message that can be read around the world.

The first message is free.  After that, it's a dollar ninety-nine.

He says it took his life's savings to build the site but making money isn't his motivation.

Mann explains, "My intention is for it to be a time capsule so that people for generations to come can explore it and appreciate it and look at all the messages and feel touched and feel good and uplifted by it."

He hopes to add the other side of the world to the site soon.

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