Oahu shoppers seize Black Friday deals

Desirae Ferrer
Desirae Ferrer
Martinique Sheppard
Martinique Sheppard
Wendy Kurosaki
Wendy Kurosaki
Renee Tsuha
Renee Tsuha
Kelvin Jackson
Kelvin Jackson

By Tim Sakahara - bio | email

Black Friday is a hit.  From TV's to toys, shoppers snatched up sale items quickly.

At some stores the madness started at midnight.  A shopper captured the chaos at the Wal-Mart on Keeaumoku Street on video shortly after the doors opened.  It showed a mass of people with arms flailing pushing each other trying to grab items, one of which was the Leapster Game Systems which usually sells for about $70 but the sale price was $25.

"Wal-Mart was crazy it was like a jungle. It wasn't until 12:00 until it opened and everyone was rushing into everything. It was scary and fun at the same time. It was like the workers couldn't control nothing it was kind of embarrassing on Wal-Mart but it was fun," said Desirae Ferrer, shopper.

She says it was chaotic at various sections all over the store.

"I was in the towel section because it was like $1.33 for a towel so then somebody just ripped it so I just stood on the thing and I was flying towels everywhere," laughed Ferrer.  "But there was people who were getting hurt like the people who were in the front they were getting smashed because people in the back were just pushing them. So I was safe. I didn't get hurt."

Black Friday really started late Thursday night with a hot spot being Toys R Us.  The line went out the parking lot, around the corner and up the sidewalk.

"It's crazy, I can't believe I actually stood out here for three hours just to get inside. The things we do for our children," laughed Martinique Sheppard, Shopper.

"Two and a half hours after they opened we're finally seeing the doors," said Angela McNutt, Shopper.

When the doors opened at 10:00 pm Thursday, shopping became a contact sport.

"Oh shoot. I'm sorry. Are you okay sweetie?" said a mother after hitting her son in the head with a box.

"Toughen up, toughen up," said another woman as she passed them.

It was much more subdued over at Windward Mall in Kaneohe, where the first 500 early bird shoppers were rewarded with bags filled with coupons and gift cards.

"We started standing in line at 10:10 last night. My nephew and I decided to stay here and wait so we could get in with the bags," said Renee Tsuha, who was first in line.

The sales kept Pearlridge Center busy all day and plenty of people found what they were looking for.

"This year just seems to have more vibrancy to it I see a lot more people with shopping bags. I think we had the same amount of people last year but it just seems people weren't purchasing like they are this year," said Fred Paine, General Manager Pearlridge Center.

"Customers are buying a lot.  We have been busy from 4:00 am this morning," said Wendy Kurosaki, Store Manager, Macy's at Pearlridge Center.

Over at Waikele Premium Outlets the line began in the car with traffic backed up just trying to park.  Then there was security monitoring the doors like it was a nightclub only allowing a certain amount of people in at a time.

At Best Buy in Iwilei people had been in line since Wednesday waiting to get their hands on sale items.

"Do you get to know the other people in line, are you friends after this?"

"You get to know what they want to buy," responded a shopper.

That's actually for safety reasons.  Best Buy has a limited quantity at the sale price and they hand out vouchers so people aren't franticly running down the aisles to get an item.

"It's always been a very safe environment, no one has ever been hurt at best buy we're proud of that," said Shawn Troup, Best Buy General Manager.

There were crowds everywhere, so was it all worth it?

"It's for my son so yes it's worth it," said Brian Kahele, shopper.

"For the savings for the fun a lot of excitement so it's always a fun time," said Kelvin Jackson, shopper.

The kids in this family will be happy as there were so many toys there was hardly room for people.  And with cars and carts filled up only Santa's sleigh could have carried more.

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