New device chills away love handles and belly bulge

Shim Ching
Shim Ching
Liz Rashkin
Liz Rashkin
Coolsculpting in progress
Coolsculpting in progress
Elizabeth Baker
Elizabeth Baker

By Brooks Baehr - bio | email

HONOLULU (Hawaii News Now) - Feeling guilty about all that food you gobbled up on Thanksgiving? Then you may be interested in the latest fat reduction device. It is called Coolsculpting by Zeltiq.

Coolsculpting was approved by the FDA in September. Zeltiq claims a one hour treatment can remove 20% to 25% of unwanted fat from the front and sides of a patient's lower abdomen.

Asia Pacific Plastic Surgery, under the direction of Dr. Shim Ching, is the first company to bring a Coolsculpting machine to Hawaii.

"It offers people the ability to lose fat in areas of the body that they don't want it in a non-surgical non-invasive very easy way," Ching said.

Liz Rashkin is a new mother who has been having trouble getting rid of some fat on her belly. Rashkin allowed Hawaii News Now to video tape her fat reduction treatment.

"I've been going to the gym. I've been doing yoga, boot camp, cardio, and nothing seems to be just working on my lower abdomen," Rashkin said.

An applicator, attached by a hose to the main piece of machinery, is placed on the patient's stomach. When it is turned on, excess fat is sucked up into the applicator and the cooling process begins.

"People feel a very strong suction and then the area feels cold and that goes on for about an hour. What it is doing is it's cooling down an area of fat to temperatures very close to freezing without damaging the skin. When the fat is cooled down to that level the fat cells undergo a change over the course of about two or four months they slowly disappear," Ching said.

"I'm not asking for a flat stomach. I'm just asking for a reduction so I can wear my two-piece again," Rashkin added.

Asia Pacific Plastic Surgery provided Hawaii News Now with before and after pictures of women who work in the medical office and have undergone the Coolsculpting procedure.

There is no question the women have flatter stomachs and less weight on their love handles in pictures taken a month and more after their treatments.

They credit Coolsculpting with the change.

"I see less fat over my muscles so I see more muscle definition. That little pooch that I used to have in the lower abdomen is now flat," said Elizabeth Baker, an Asia Pacific employee.

After being hooked to the Coolsculpting device for an hour technicians remove the applicator from Rashkin's stomach. The portion of her belly that had been sucked into the applicator was cold, red, and swollen, but began to warm and return to its normal shape and color within minutes.

"There's no anesthesia and I get to go home and continue my life as I was this morning," Rashkin said.

Treatment costs about $800 per love handle and $1,600 for a tummy treatment.

While we have seen before and after pictures and heard from Dr. Ching, we interested to see how Coolsculpting works for Rashkin. We will check back with her in a couple months.

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