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It's my final email to you. Aloha, Sunrisers. (more on this later)

Patting privates, scanning bodies. Some say they don't mind going through the extra security screenings at airports on the busiest travel day of the year. Others are planning to "opt out". It's a protest that could cause hours of delays. Plus, there is a nasty weather system on the west coast that could add more problems. We'll have the latest on your travel tracker.

Shake, rattle and roll. That's what some residents from Maui to Oahu experienced yesterday when a 4.7 magnitude quake rolled through. We'll hear reaction from those who felt it.

Pardon me? We'll tell you what will happen to the turkey that was pardoned by the president.

Aloha, Sunrisers. It's my final day on air for Sunrise. I'm leaving to work for the CBS station in San Francisco. While I'm excited, it is so hard to say goodbye to my family here. Just know, part of my heart will always be here with you. We'll take a look back, but we'll still have fun, the Sunrise way.

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