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The workout with Latin flair: Zumba

Katie Moore Katie Moore
Egan Inoue Egan Inoue
Zumba instructor Martha Garcia ties a belly dancer belt on Tannya Joaquin Zumba instructor Martha Garcia ties a belly dancer belt on Tannya Joaquin
A Zumba class A Zumba class
Martha Garcia with her baby Martha Garcia with her baby

By Tannya Joaquin - bio | email 

LANIAKEA (HawaiiNewsNow) - Zumba is part dance party, part sensuality and all out energy.

Zumba first hit Hawaii in 2006.  When Katie Moore, the first certified instructor in the state brought the workout  to the Big Island.

Moore says, "It just took off immediately.  It went from 20 people to 60 people in a matter of a month in my class."

To think, it started by accident.  When an instructor forgot his regular music and improvised with Latin sounds.  Ten million people now take classes every week in 110 countries.  Search Google for Zumba Hawaii and more than 200-thousand entries pop up.

So it's about time I give Zumba a whirl at the Laniakea YWCA, taught by Colombian native Martha Garcia.  And I brought the perfect partner.  Mixed martial arts champ Egan Inoue is a master at the take down, but can he get down?

I asked him, "When's the last time you danced?" 

Egan's response?  "Never.  I never dance.  I've got no rhythm.  I've never danced before.  Not even high school.  I didn't go to my prom."

Martha Garcia explains, "We have just few rules.  Smile for the rhythm.  Have fun and never stop.  Keep moving."

To help me channel my inner Shakira, I'm given a belly dancing belt to make sure my hips don't lie.

Egan and I get the hang of it in no time.  We squat.  Shimmy.  Swirl.  Shake.  Shake some more.  And sweat -- a lot.

Egan runs an intense boot camp.  This is more of a "booty" camp. 

You can go at your own speed.  The Y teaches a Zumba Gold class, just for seniors.

Anyone can do it, whatever their age or athletic ability.  Burning up to 800 calories an hour. 

Martha is one hot mama to a one year old.  She lost 45 pounds of baby weight with Zumba.

Now, she inspires students to let their inhibitions go.

After surviving our first Zumba session, Egan is sold.

"I can smile through a lot of pain", Inoue explains.  "This, there's like no pain as you can see, I got a pretty good workout."


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