Al Harrington brings together old and new Hawaii Five-0

Al Harrington
Al Harrington

By Teri Okita – bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – A bit of nostalgia on the Hawaii Five-0 set. Al Harrington, the only living member of the original cast, shot a guest spot for an upcoming episode.

A lot of things have changed for Harrington since that big wave broke in the opening credits decades ago. First off, he no longer plays Ben Kokua.

In the rebooted Hawaii Five-0, he's Mamo, an old beachboy friend of Steve McGarrett's parents.

In character, Harrington's Mamo asks McGarrett, "Howzit, bruddah?" Alex O'Loughlin's McGarrett's says, "You have not changed in 15 years! What have you been drinking?!"

The real Harrington says, "I am stoked for lack of a better word!" Being in front of a camera again feels like home for Harrington. Only this time around, he says he's got to be smoother, sharper, quicker.

"And so, every, bang. It's moving and then, lines are put in there, and God. I look at this, and I marvel at what they're doing today."

Back then, they used two cameras instead of four, the cast and crew was much smaller than the 300 they number today, and the pace was much slower. Not anymore.

The 74 year old Harrington says those who long for the old Five-0 shouldn't be too nostalgic. These are two different generations of viewers. "Our generation has one perspective and the new generation has another, but the two can come together. If we but be patient and humble with each other."

Ironically, Harrington missed good friend James MacArthur's memorial in California on Sunday because he had to report to the set of Hawaii Five-0 on Monday. MacArthur played the original Danno and died last month of natural causes. He says MacArthur would have loved the new version of the show.

There's still no firm release date for this episode, but it will be sometime later this season. And who knows? Mamo may be as popular as Ben Kokua. Harrington is hopeful this will turn into a recurring role. If so, he'll be there. Aloha.

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