Waikiki expo shows off security systems

Ken Cheung
Ken Cheung
J.J. Bare
J.J. Bare

By Jim Mendoza - bio | email

WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) - A shooter fires a weapon. In the flash of an eye a computer detects and fingerprints the gun and reports back to a machine called a Hostile Fire Detection System.

"The special thing about this system is that it's so fast that it'll detect a bullet being shot before the sound gets to you," Oceanit's Ken Cheung said.

Then there's the device that looks like a satellite on a stand. It bounces a radar beam off a person being interrogated.

"The Counter Bomber system is a counter suicide bomber system that can identify whether a person is wearing a suicide vest." said J.J. Bare of SET Corporation.

About a dozen makers and marketers of anti-terrorism inventions held a show-and-tell at a summit in Waikiki Monday.

Oceanit also displayed another of its products - a concrete called Nanite.

The smart concrete can detect the presence, the weight and the speed of objects that pass over it. It can alert to breeches at secure sites like government and military installations and airport runways.

Some of the inventions are already being utilized in the field.

U.S. troops use the bomb detector in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"The technology has some real applications in security for things like hotels, airports and high value events where there might be international interest," Bare said.

The exhibitors are trying to catch the eye of Homeland Security.

Oceanit said the sniper finder can be customized for the battlefield or urban use.

"It's very accurate and very sensitive. So depending on the weapon type it'll detect shots up to a thousand meters," Cheung said.

The sniper detector and some of the other security devices at the summit are still in development.

They can be ready for real life if Homeland Security likes what it sees and gives the go-ahead.

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