Cousin gives update on how Colt Brennan and family are coping

Brent Brennan
Brent Brennan
Kealoha Pilares, Bryant Moniz & Greg Salas
Kealoha Pilares, Bryant Moniz & Greg Salas
Bryant Moniz
Bryant Moniz
Coach Greg McMackin
Coach Greg McMackin
A signed football to be presented to Colt Brennan
A signed football to be presented to Colt Brennan

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Doctors gave a third update on Sunday, saying Colt Brennan remains in stable condition.

The former University of Hawaii (UH) quarterback was initially admitted to The Queen's Medical Center in serious condition after he was hurt in a head-on collision.

The crash happened on Friday in North Kona.

Brennan's girlfriend, Shakti Stream, was behind the wheel.

Police say she crossed the center line and banged into a sedan.

The Warriors are rallying for Brennan, hoping for a speedy recovery.

Their thoughts were with him during their game against San Jose on Saturday night.

Brennan's cousin happens to be a Spartan coach.

After the game, he gave an update on how Brennan and his family are coping.

It was green versus blue but colors didn't matter for the Warriors and Spartan Coach Brent Brennan, Colt's cousin.

"From what I heard today, he's doing better so we're all hopeful, and everyone's been great. The Hawaii family, the coaches, and all of our friends and family," said Brennan.

Brennan says it's much-neeeded comfort, after his cousin's crash left his family shaken.

"Colt's such a great kid, and it was just scary. I got off the plane, my wife's calling me, my parents were with him the night before, with him and his girlfriend, so it's just really really scary. Obviously we're just hoping for a quick recovery and hope he gets better soon," said Brennan.

Also rooting for Brennan are his fellow Warrior brothers.

"First thing I did was ask Coach Mack if I could wear Colt's jersey but we didn't have his jersey in the locker. I just wanted to wear it just so I could show him that he means a lot to us, to the whole state," said Warriors Quarterback Bryant Moniz after the game.

"I was going to send him a bunch of flowers but Colt wouldn't relate to that," said Warriors Head Coach Greg McMackin.

Instead, the team is giving two autographed footballs, one from the players, the other from the coaches.

"From the players, one of them says 'Our thoughts and prayers are with you, love always, your Warrior family,'" said McMackin.

Coach Mack says they're not allowed to see Brennan yet.

"Although from what I understand, what they're telling me is that he's going to be fine. I mean, he's not in a trauma state, he's just going to have to heal up some broken bones," said McMackin.

It's a promising sign that one of the greatest quarterbacks in UH history will bounce back.

"Everyone in Hawaii has been so fabulous to him so, like everybody else, we're just hoping he gets better soon, and get back to throwing it around like he likes to do," said Brennan.

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