Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton star in "Morning Glory," a comedy about an early morning TV news show.
And I must say, McAdams delivers a breakthrough comic performance as a morning show producer who will do whatever it takes to raise the ratings of her show.
The storyline jumps the rails a couple of times, but the characters and the dialogue are consistently funny.
Rachel's character, Becky, takes a job on a network morning show that's dead last in the ratings. But she bubbles over with enthusiasm for the task during her job interview.

I wonder how could anyone resist hiring such an adorable bundle of energy, a cute, smart, speedy workaholic who barely takes time to eat and sleep.

Becky is also too busy to notice when a man in interested in her. "I don't know if a man is interested in me until he's naked," she says to the man who wants to date her. "I mean the pants come off and then I'm like, oh, I guess you don't really want to see my CD collection or talk about Kerouac."

The man chuckles and says, "You're nuts!"
Becky is nuts but she's also up to the challenge of dealing with the monstrous egos of her feuding co-anchors played by Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford who argue about which of them should be the one to say "goodbye" to the audience at the end of their show.
Keaton's character will do anything to get on-air laughs but Ford plays an curmudgeon who only wants to do "serious" stories.
"Of course you have class," he says to Keaton. "When you got your pap smear on air, you wore a silk robe."

Anyone who works in the TV news business will get a real kick out of this movie. But the laughs are so frequent and the acting is so good, that "Morning Glory" should be a real crowd pleaser.