Chatting with Billy V: November 18, 2010

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - First, Tony Parker and Eva Longoria were getting divorced, then they weren't, now they were again -- for real this time. People reported first Wednesday that Longoria spoke to Extra's Mario Lopez and revealed she'd found "hundreds of text messages" on Parker's phone from another woman. That's bad, but this is worse: the woman was the wife of a one-time San Antonio Spurs teammate.

Bryan Armen Graham of Sports Illustrated tweeted Wednesday: "Have it on good authority from entertainment sources that 'former teammate' in Tony Parker-Eva Longoria affair is Brent Barry." That would make Erin Barry the woman in question. The Barrys are also going through a divorce.

Sarah Palin recently described her family's new TLC reality show as "uplifting entertainment" and "a positive family-oriented outdoor adventure." Well daughter Willow's Facebook page has become a place where the 16-year-old Palin unleashed a flurry of profanity-laced insults after a Facebook friend commented that the family's reality show "is failing so hard right now." Willow Palin didn't just call him -- and others -- "fat" and "stupid," she also dropped an assortment of homophobic slurs. Some have suggested Willow's account had been hacked.

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