Restaurant Week: JJ Dolan's

Restaurant Week takes place November 15-21. Dozens of restaurants across the state are offering special discounts and menus. Proceeds go to the Culinary Institute of the Pacific at Diamond Head. Every day on Sunrise, we'll profile a different restaurant and its menu.

JJ Dolan's is offering up a Restaurant Week steal.
"Our restaurant week menu will basically consist of a dinner for four," said JJ Niebuhr, co-owner of JJ Dolan's.

It consists of a house salad, two 14-inch pizzas, cheesecake and a bottle of wine all for just $40. It sounds crazy, but Niebuhr says it's all for a great cause.

"I don't want to be doing this forever," said JJ. "I'd like to go to a place like this and have one of these students suddenly serve me something down the line."

So take out your notebooks because JJ's going to show us how to make the perfect pie. First up is the classic pizza Margherita. JJ starts by flattening out a fresh round of dough.

"One hand up here is making a crust and slowly stretching it wider and wider," demonstrates JJ.

Don't forget a toss or two.

"Throw it up just like that."

He layers on shredded mozzarella and sliced Roma tomatoes. Follow that with a ladle of sauce, a handful of basil and a sprinkle of pecorino Romano. The finishing touches? A drizzle of olive oil and some fresh mozzarella.

"The oven's cooking right now at about 600 degrees. Give it a little shimmy, then we give it a little shake," said JJ.

Then there's the giacomo, made famous when JJ was making pizzas at Murphy's Bar and Grill. He starts with the sauce, then layers on the mozzarella, pepperoni, salami and black olives. He sprinkles on some homemade sausage, herbs and another handful of cheese. Six minutes later it's ready to eat.

JJ Dolan's even made a cameo on last week's "Hawaii Five-0."

"Great crew came in, set up, did the shoot, got out and we opened for first Friday," said JJ>

What else would you expect from an Irish pub with New York pizza from two guys in Chinatown?

"When they come in, we got em, we got em," said JJ. "Everything's cherry after that."

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